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About Me

I am a Fortune 500 board director and was recently named Lead Director of Rocket Lab, a space exploration company. My role as lead director of this public company is a distinction that only a handful of Black women hold in the world. I also serve on the board of TD Synnex - a Fortune 50 company and recently IPO boards like GitLab and Symbotic. I have served as the chair of all committees on both public and venture-backed boards except audit. Before my corporate governance experience as a non-executive director, I was a technology and business executive in iconic Fortune 500 and private companies, including Intuit, Yahoo!, PayPal, Adobe, Joyent, and Sun Microsystems.

I am also an early-stage investor and the co-founder of Black Women on Boards, a global organization of nearly 200 members to remove the invisible obstacles Black female executives face when pursuing board membership.


I am also an active member of the CXO community and a sought-after speaker. I advise companies on technology trends, innovation, strategy, cyber risk, and digital transformation to name a few. I've been quoted in many major publications, including WSJ, Forbes, Fortune, CNET, CIO Review, CIO Journal, and Business Insider.

Recognitions & certifications include:

  • 2023 Worth Magazine’s Worthy 100

  • 2022 LinkedIn Top Voices in Leadership: The 10 creators to follow in the U.S.

  • 2022 NACD Directorship 100™

  • 2021 Most Influential Black Corporate Director

  • 2019 Most Influential Corporate Board Directors by Women’s Inc.

  • Women of Influence 2017 by Silicon Valley Business Journal

  • Business Insider: #6 of the 22 Most Powerful Women Engineers in the World

  • Lifetime Achievement Award by Girls in Tech

  • Cybersecurity Oversight by NACD and the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute.



In addition to my business interests, I am passionate about coaching leaders in leadership and board service. I started BWOB and MERLINE X,  two purpose-driven programs to plant the seeds whose branches will impact generations to come.  #LifeAsWeClimb

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