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MERLINE X | Marquesa Finch

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Meet Marquesa Finch - Feb 18, 2021!

Join Merline in a conversation with her friend Marquesa Finch, who is CEO of Pyrium! Pyrium is a marketplace where non-accredited investors can buy equity and debt into private companies. Title 3 of the JOBS Act now lets anyone invest in private companies and we believe everyone should have access to high potential companies and the venture capital process. Pyrium is building the

largest capital market (powered entirely by the crowd) that is transparent and fair. While Pyrium is accessible to all, they put extra focus on building investor networks in communities of color, female communities, and other inclusive groups.

Learn more about Marquesa.

My motivation to build $tride Cash is to plant the seeds whose branches will impact generations to come.

$tride Cash is a modern fintech platform designed for Gen Z and Millennial hustlers. As part of our offering, I am excited to launch a conversation series - MerlineX. This new talk lineup highlights incredible leaders in my network who will join me in conversation about entrepreneurship, careers, finance, boards, & more!


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