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MERLINE X | Obi Felten

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Meet Obi Felten on Zoom - March 10, 2021!

Join Merline in a conversation with her friend Obi, who is a leading technologist and entrepreneur! Obi Felten is Head of Getting Moonshots Ready for Contact with the Real World at X (formerly Google X), Alphabet’s ‘moonshot factory’ and innovation lab. At X, Obi has worked on cutting edge technology projects such as internet from balloons (Loon) and air delivery by drone (Wing). Most recently, Obi founded and led Amber, a project using brain-based biomarkers and machine learning to measure anxiety and depression.

Learn more about Obi.

My motivation to build $tride Cash is to plant the seeds whose branches will impact generations to come.

$tride Cash is a modern fintech platform designed for Gen Z and Millennial hustlers. As part of our offering, I am excited to launch a conversation series - MerlineX. This new talk lineup highlights incredible leaders in my network who will join me in conversation about entrepreneurship, careers, finance, boards, & more!


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