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MERLINE X | Tatyana Mamut

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Meet Tatyana Mamut - Feb 25, 2021 @ Clubhouse!

Join Merline in a conversation with her friend, Tatyana Mamut. Tatyana is a transformational technology executive who delivers game-changing results by anticipating the future, obsessing over customers and building amazing teams. Created successful new products & businesses at Nextdoor, Amazon, Salesforce, and IDEO, delivering both strategy and tactical team execution. She loves to think through strategy from both sides of the Boardroom.

Learn more about Tatyana!

Join us on Clubhouse on Feb 25, 2021!

How to join Clubhouse. Please see below:

1. Download the Clubhouse Audio Chat App. Currently available for iOS only at this time.

2. Once your account is created, follow “Merline Saintil” so you have access to the virtual room where the discussion is taking place.

3. Join us 3pm PT/6pm ET on 2/25/21 and invite a friend.

My motivation to build $tride Cash is to plant the seeds whose branches will impact generations to come.

$tride Cash is a modern fintech platform designed for Gen Z and Millennial hustlers. As part of our offering, I am excited to launch a conversation series - MerlineX. This new talk lineup highlights incredible leaders in my network who will join me in conversation about entrepreneurship, careers, finance, boards, & more!


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